DimOn — ENFA Flatval with Froya Complete — Freeware scenery for P3D and FSX

Scenery by Dmitriy Kozyrev
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ENFA Flatval with Froya Complete

Norwegian Drift

P3D FSX v2.0

Flatval is a tiny private airfield located on the rocky island of Frøya, on the western coast of Norway.

There is no regular service, and you won't see a plane here very often. Flatval's territory is used mostly by a local motor club and for the various racing events.

The scenery is very accurate according to the latest satellite images and photos. The airport is really small, so it only has space for a pair of Cessna-like birds, or maybe for a single Twin Otter. There are no navaids or radio comms at all, and the runway is unlit, so make sure you are flying to Flatval at day and in good weather (see the included map for directions).

Another major part of this package is the whole island of Frøya, recreated from the ground up and down to the tiniest detail. Multiple points of interest weren't forgotten, so flying low and slow over the Frøya won't be boring.

ENFA Flatval features:

  • Precise layout and accurate marking for the runway and the racetrack
  • Seasonal photo background with night lighting, blends nicely with Orbx products
  • Custom GSX preset
  • Compatible with P3Dv4, P3Dv3 and FSX
  • Compatible with Orbx Norway

Frøya Complete features:

  • The whole island of Frøya has been rebuilt from scratch with the utmost accuracy
  • Custom high resolution mesh and precise shoreline
  • Every road, lighthouse, pier and major village in the area
  • Hundreds of smaller islands, including Dolmøya, Sula, Måøya, Uttian, and Inntian
  • Multiple POIs


Last updated 09.09.19
  • Complete overhaul
  • New marking and ground textures
  • New photo background
  • Up-to-date layout (June 2019)
  • Fake NDB has been removed
  • The whole island of Frøya included
  • Orbx Norway compatibility
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