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Scenery by Dmitriy Kozyrev
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VARK Rajkot

To Mumbai and back in two hours

P3D FSX v2.0

Welcome to Rajkot, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. And also to a very tight airport that is trying to serve nearly two million citizens, being barely able to fit just a single airliner.

Rajkot Airport is located near the city of Rajkot in Gujarat province, India; just 80 miles away from the Arabian Sea, and in a dry and hot tropical climate.

The airport is surrounded by a dense urban area, which made its further expansion impossible. Nonetheless, Rajkot is putting what little space it has to a good use. The single runway was recently renovated, and the new apron should be opened by the end of 2019. Both features are represented in this scenery (the new apron is fully paved, but still closed).

The airport sees two regular flights per day, flown by Air India's A319 to Mumbai and Delhi. The terminal can only accommodate up to 125 passengers, so while one flight is boarding, the second plane has to wait on the runway.

Rajkot will continue to serve its duty, until the brand-new Rajkot Greenfield international airport opens nearby.


  • Precise layout, accurate marking and correct navaids as of June 2019
  • Complete overhaul of landclasses for the whole city of Rajkot, including most major roads and custom population density for the road traffic
  • Photo background with night lighting, blends perfectly with Orbx Global
  • Custom GSX preset
  • Latest available charts included (July 2018)
  • Compatible with P3Dv4, P3Dv3 and FSX


Last updated 21.06.19
  • Complete overhaul
  • Up-to-date layout (June 2019)
  • New marking and ground textures
  • New photo background
  • Landclasses and roads for the whole city of Rajkot
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